Pelopac, State of the Art Facility

Pelopac Facilities Pelopac Facilities Pelopac Facilities

Ιn 2006, Pelopac built a 5.500 m² state of the art production facility on the outskirts of Thessaloniki. The plant has extensive raw material, packaging material and finished products storage areas, including refrigerated storage for sensitive ingredients.

The production area includes the following lines:

  • Olive pitting, including an X-ray imaging detector/sorter for pits
  • Glass jar (Retail & Food Service)
  • Plastic trays (Retail & Food Service - Vacuum or MAP pack)
  • Plastic pouches (Vertical Flow, Retail – MAP pack)
  • Plastic bags (Deli & Food Service – Vacuum or MAP pack)
  • Plastic jars (Deli & Food Service)
  • Tins, pails, barrels (as applicable)
  • Two tunnel pasteurizers
  • Sauce preparation and auxiliary lines
  • Labeling & final packaging
Pelopac Facilities Pelopac Facilities Pelopac Facilities

Using small batch production, we combine the principles of home cooking with strict quality assurance and scrupulous production methods to ensure that our products are consistently of the highest quality.

Our plant and operations are certified under the ISO 22000 (HACCP) and BRC Global Standard Food (Classification: AA+) standards, and every production run is supervised by a trained chef as well as our certified food technologist.

Advanced information systems for warehousing (WMS), production and enterprise planning (ERP) help us regulate and manage material and human resources to maximize efficiency, minimize waste and ensure traceability.

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