Pelopac, Environmental & Social Responsibility

We believe that it is our responsibility not only to provide excellent products and services, but also to contribute meaningfully to overall social and environmental welfare and sustainable growth.

In this spirit, we have developed an environmental program through which we seek to minimize our negative impact on the environment. In the context of our social responsibility program, we implement a number of targeted activities which focus on supporting our local and regional community through charitable, cultural and educational activities.

Environmental Program

In addition to complying with all EU and Greek environmental regulations, we implement a number of specific actions including:

  • Operation of a liquid waste treatment station
  • Recycling of cooling water, and storage and reclaim of brine in production
  • Recycling of metal, glass and paper waste
  • Monitoring of fuel, electric energy and water consumption to minimize waste
  • Reduction of material waste, energy and resources usage

An estimated 15% of our products are certified organic, and all our ingredients are GMO-free, as required by Greek legislation.

Social Responsibility

Our social responsibility program focuses on supporting our local and regional community while promoting responsible and ethical business practices.

Pelopac is a member of SEDEX and has successfully passed the SMETA audit on Ethical Trade. In addition to upholding these values within our company, we ensure that we work with suppliers who embody the same ethics.

As a food company, we recognize our responsibility toward feeding those in need, and we regularly provide food donations to the local Food Bank. We also support a number of other non-profit organizations (including the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the American Farm School) and help sponsor a variety of cultural and educational activities through the "Northern Greece Entrepreneurs Cultural Society."

We have already achieved a number of our environmental and social responsibility objectives, and we have planned more activities and action areas for the years to come. Contact us for a copy of our Environmental & Social Responsibility Report.

Environmental & Social Responsibility
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