Pelopac Packaging Solutions

The right packaging is crucial for maintaining the freshness and quality of products, maximizing effective use of resources in retail locations, and—of course—enhancing the appeal of the product to the consumer.

Combining our traditional production methods with high tech packaging, Pelopac has developed and introduced a number of innovative solutions, including:

  • Production of clear, pasteurizable, long shelf life plastic trays of olives for pre-packed deli consumer products; and
  • Development of a Modified Atmosphere Packing process for olives in bags, for Food Service and Deli applications.

We work closely with our clients to select the most suitable packaging type and technology for the product and market.


Glass Jars Glass Jars
Products can be packed in a large variety of glass jars
(100 ml – 2000 ml), ranging from standard to premium/specialty jars for upscale and premium looks.
Deli Prepack (Plastic tubs/trays) Deli Prepack (Plastic tubs/trays)
Products can be packed in retail and food service sized, round or rectangular plastic trays/tubs (125 ml – 2000 ml).
Snack Packs Snack Packs
Our snack packs are an ideal and practical solution for healthy olive snacks on the go. The content is packed without brine in MAP-modified atmosphere packaging.
Food Service Food Service
A variety of packaging is available for the food service and deli industry, in a range of sizes (1- 3 kg), including: plastic bags (pasteurized & MAP), plastic deli trays, plastic and glass jars (including high-barrier jars), and small barrels (2 kg)


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