Delicious Shelf Stable Snack Solutions

The global snacking category is seeing sustained growth as consumption habits evolve and on-the-go eating has become a standard part of life. At the same time, consumers want to make healthy lifestyle choices without giving up the pleasure of delicious foods.

PELOPAC’s growing line of shelf stable Grab & Go Snacks checks all the boxes:


  • Portable, light weight packaging
  • No refrigeration needed – easy to keep on hand
  • No mess
  • Ready to eat


  • Great alternatives to fatty or sugary snacks
  • Wholesome ingredients

Great Taste

  • Award winning recipes
  • Large selection of flavors

Snack Boxes

Portable little box, packed with a single serve tub of dip or hummus and crisp crackers for dipping. For a more substantial snack, we add a small pouch of olives. Components (hummus, dips, olives) and box dimensions can be adjusted according to market preferences, product positioning and other requirements (to fit into trolleys, vending machines, etc.)

Olive Snack Pouches

The ultimate snack! Plump, juicy olives are lightly marinated with herbs & spices and packed WITHOUT LIQUID for a delicious, no-mess snack. The handy grab & go pouch is available in different sizes (30g – 80g) and formats (pillow or doy style), and variable case packing is suited to many different distribution channels.

Hummus & Dip Snack Cup Singles

Our complete range of delicious hummus & dips is now available in individual portion packs! Multiple cup sizes and packaging options are available, depending on channel, product positioning and target price point.

Request product list and info sheet for more details.


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