PLMA New Product Expo – PELOPAC Olive Toppers

PELOPAC’s new line of OLIVE TOPPERS will be featured at the New Product Expo at PLMA Amsterdam (May 21-22, 2019).

Olive Toppers – Pizza/Pasta/Salad Olives – are ready to use ingredients that take the hassle out of cooking with olives.

What’s great about them:

  • Convenient – already sliced and ready to use
  • NO brine = NO mess
  • Practical, single serving pouch (no waste)
  • No refrigeration needed - easy to keep on hand for last-minute meal prep
  • Delicious olives!

Appeals to trade:

  • Increase consumption frequency & bring new consumers into the olive category
  • Ideal for cross merchandising in fresh/produce section or with complementary ingredients
  • Ambient transport & storage
  • Versatile shelf presentation

The PLMA New Product Expo spotlights product and packaging innovations from this year’s exhibitors. Divided over 9 categories, more than 600 products from 39 countries will be displayed in cabinets for visitors to see.

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