Pelopac Awarded with 6 Gold Stars (Aug '12)

We are pleased to announce that Pelopac products received 6 Gold Starsin the 2012 Great Taste Awards event (GTA).

Great Taste Awards is an international specialty and fine food & drink event organized by the prestigious Guild of Fine Foods in the UK, and the GTA logo is widely recognized as a symbol of outstanding quality and taste. This year, 2500 companies participated in the event, submitting a total of 8800 products which were blind-tasted by 350 food & wine experts. Receiving six gold stars is a significant accomplishment, and we are proud of our talented product development and production teams for this achievement.

Judges praised our award-winning products for their great taste and originality:

  • Pomegranate Glaze "fresh...interesting combination of flavours"
  • Herb Paste for Chicken "rich, complex taste with a long lemon finish"
  • Kalamata Variety Olive Tapenade with Harissa "olives with a hint of spice...with a well judged complement from the Harissa"
  • Jalapeño-Stuffed Olives "good olive taste with a jalapeño kick"
  • Spicy Harissa "nice bite...spicy and pungent (in a good way)"
  • Kalamata Variety Olive Meze with Capers "very good aroma...very well-balanced product"

The latter three products are marketed under the Odysea brand which is present in all multiple retail chains in the UK.

Pelopac specializes in developing new and custom products in collaboration with our clients. In addition to achieving 9 Great Taste Awards since 2004, our products have been recognized by SIAL Trends & Innovations and the Chef's Association of Northern Greece (2nd Panhellenic GEFSI Elias olive tasting competition).

The year 2012 has been a particularly eventful one for Pelopac, with numerous awards and distinctions. Twelve (12) products have achieved recognition for taste and quality since the beginning of the year, and in January we were honored to receive the Greek Values Award for World Market Excellence.

Great Taste 2012
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