Product Lines Showcased at 2016 PLMA New Product Expo

We are delighted that 3 of Pelopac’s innovative product ranges will be showcased at the 2016 PLMA New Product Expo in Amsterdam (May 24-25).


This exciting line of ready-to-use Mediterranean Cooking Sauces enables home cooks to create great-tasting Mediterranean meals quickly and easily. Made with distinctive regional ingredients like Greek yogurt, feta cheese, olives and fresh vegetables, the sauces are bright and flavorful. The line was also featured in the 2014 SIAL Innovation Observatory.

Snack Dippers

Consumers are looking for healthy snacks and small on-the-go meals. Our single-serving Snack Dippers that pair just the right amount of dip or hummus with crisp crackers are a great solution. The product is shelf stable with a long shelf life (min. 12 months), and contains NO artificial preservatives. Cracker-Dip combinations are customizable according to market preferences – including gluten free options. Great for a variety of channels, including supermarket, convenience and travel catering.

Shelf Stable Hummus

Hummus is one of the fast-growing categories worldwide. Pelopac’s line of shelf stable hummus has outstanding flavor and is made with real chickpeas – not reconstituted chickpea flour. The product has a long shelf life (18/24 months, depending on packaging) WITHOUT artificial preservatives. Flavors are customizable according to market preferences.

Cooking Sauces
Snack Dippers
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