4 Gold Star Awards for PELOPAC Olives & Meze!

We are thrilled that the prestigious Guild of Fine Foods (UK) has recognized 4 of our products with Gold Star Great Taste Awards (2-Star & 1-Star).

Kudos to our Product Development Team for creating an incredible line-up of shelf stable (!) products that are exciting, beautiful and delicious!

Without further ado, here is what the judges had to say:

  • Moutabal (Roasted Eggplant & Tahini Dip): “…fabulous smokey flavour with the tahini and lemon juice working in harmony to bring complexity and depth of flavour…This has been made with such skill to make a really amazing moutabal.”
  • Moroccan Tagine Style Paste (spicy): “A vibrant looking sauce with a fabulous aroma of the warming spices… an amazing explosion of well judged spices, citrus and heat. An exceptional tagine sauce”
  • Marinated Jalapeño Stuffed Olives (snack pouch): “Big, bold, plump and juicy looking olives beautifully presented with their carefully stuffed centers… they are glossy, tempting and have warm fruity aromas.”
  • Smoky Black Bean Dip (mildly spicy): “Clean, fresh, creamy bean flavours … Lively paprika is softly smoky around the edges bringing a sweet and gently spicy length to the dip.”


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